Midland woman speaks on coping with brother's death to PTSD

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Veteran suicide is a concerning problem that happens to many, every day.

It's never been easy for Angel Munoz. She also dealt with PTSD after her brother's death. But if there's one thing that's helping her cope, it's telling her brother Jeremy's story.

It's been three years since Munoz lost her younger brother Jeremy.

"I think of him every day," said Munoz. "Three years later, that part doesn't go away. There's days I can talk about it and I'm fine. There's days I lose it."

Because before this, her older brother Robert died in combat 14 years ago. After 10 years to finally speak out about his death, it was time to speak about Jeremy's.

"We can't be quiet anymore," said Munoz. "There's times I get angry at Jeremy because he did choose that. I do get angry and feel, 'Wow, look what you left behind.' But then I say, 'Look what you left behind. The kids, my sister-in-law and the story to tell."

Jeremy, a Marine Corps vet did a tour in Iraq, but fought a silent battle when he came home. A battle with PTSD, that took his life in 2015. And although he may have ended his pain, there was still a pain he passed on.

"We can let what happened with Jeremy make us or break us and we can't let it break us because it already took him," said Munoz. "I got start talking about it. I'm not going to keep this inside because it's going to get ugly and it does feel like a release."

Now, Angel is going to school to become a social worker. To help families that are dealing with the same thing she did. Because although sharing his story won't bring Jeremy back, but there's hope that maybe it can save the next person who's suffering a long and silent battle just like Jeremy did.

"If someone can mourn for you that long, grieve you for that long. you mattered. We all matter. To someone, we matter. We can all make a difference," said Munoz.

Munoz will be speaking to the Odessa Rotary Club, elected officials and community leaders on Friday. She is also part of the non-profit HEART, an organization aimed to help people with PTSD. Learn more about them by clicking here.

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