Consider This... Boundaries

(KWES) - Growth brings about growing pains.  Anticipate this will be a consistent theme over the next few years as we look at the future of Midland ISD.  The facts are we have one junior high busting at the seams and another close behind it, while two others have room for more students.  The forecast calls for one of the largest 5th grade classes in MISD history to pass through these junior highs very, very soon.

This Tuesday your school board will hear a proposal to shift the boundaries, focusing on two newer developments to the west and to the north.  Administrators have eyed 14 different geographical zones in the process and developed a plan that is almost guaranteed to not please everyone.  The change will also have a ripple effect on the feeder system for Midland Lee and Midland High.

Consider This... School boundary changes are never easy, for that matter change is never easy.  Applaud Midland ISD doing their best to get out ahead of the overcrowding issue instead of kicking the can down the road one more year.  I recommend staying close to what is happening at MISD, more change is coming and it's up to the taxpayers to see if it makes the grade for a better Midland.

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