Local Jeep club gears up for fundraiser to give back to local service dog organization

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Texas Tactical Jeep Club is gearing up for their annual Go Topless event. It's a spring tradition many Jeep clubs around the country do every year to celebrate the joys of owning a Jeep. It's a little different here locally because here, the club makes sure it's not only about themselves but the community they live in.

You've probably seen them driving around town. Soon, you may even see more than a hundred of these Jeeps together. With big wheels, tops down, at the Big Sky drive in.

"We just decided since there's so many Jeeps here, we ought to do an event here," said Texas Tactical Jeep Club President JD Anderson. "This year I just felt a calling to help Paws Got My Six so they can get more service dogs to those in need."

As part of their biggest fundraiser, the Texas Tactical Jeep Club gets all local Jeep drivers to celebrate a worldwide tradition in a small West Texas community. But it's the large scale of why they do it, that gets the wheels turning.

The club chooses a local charity to donate the money raised. Last year, they raised $3,000 for House of the Sycamore Tree. This year, they hope to double those proceeds for Paws got my Six.

"I've been with Texas Tactical Jeep Club for a year now," said Clay Ivie. "We actually joined last year at the topless event. After watching the Facebook page and seeing all the involvement in the community they do, that hits close to home for me. That's what I wanted to be involved with."

But throughout the year, the club stays busy planning. Finding ways to take their same passion for Jeeps, and turn it into something to help others.

"I'm the type of guy that enjoys that," said Texas Tactical Jeep Club Vice President Robert Perez. "It's really family-oriented and it's a good environment to be around. It's a really good feeling. You get to share everything, all the blessings you get, you get to give them back."

It's a big family where friendship and giving is always on an open road.

The Go Topless event will be on May 19 at the Big Sky drive in at 6 p.m. It's $5 to get in. They'll have silent auctions, raffles and door prizes that'll be given away. For more information, you can keep up with the club here.

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