Howard County resident recounts brush fire danger

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Stanley Phillips can breathe a sigh of relief as he surveys the burn damage to his property.

While his land may be charred, his home is intact.

"Well your just thankful that's about all you can do," says Phillips.

A reality that seemed distant just a few hours ago "just came up here and everything was burning."

Phillip says after getting an alert about the wildfires near his home he rushed to his house to protect his property.

"You spray water on what you can but that's about all you can do," says Phillips.

He also says he kept in contact with his wife as the blaze burned "sending her pictures of what was going on"

While his house out last the flames, the well on his property did not.

"It melted that concrete and everything down in there" what once was a ten foot structure reduced to rubble," says Phillips.

Without water, Phillips say he and his wife will spend a few nights across town, a proposition he tells me he's more than thankful for, considering what could've happened.

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