Permian gymnastics to host regional championships

Permian gymnastics to host regional championships
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ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Permian gymnastics team will be hosting the regional championship in the Permian Fieldhouse this weekend. The Panthers held a practice this afternoon gearing up for the big event. They're feeling ready and are excited to compete in front of a home crowd.

"Its always great to host the regional championship here, specifically in this fieldhouse. Its just got a special feel to it. The equipment setup gives us a huge advantage because we get to practice on it the day before. We're not walking into a meet just kinda not knowing so its that much more easier to compete," said Permian gymnastics coach Chris Soto.

For the seniors, hosting this meet is a special opportunity.

"Its fun its kinda sad because my adventure of being a gymnast in high school is almost over," said Joannaly Gonzalez, a Permian gymnastics senior.

"It means a lot I mean it'll be the last time I ever compete in this gym go out there and give it my all," said Brandon Dominguez, a Permian gymnastics senior.

Brandon will be competing along with his younger brother Ryan.
 "I mean if I could choose a teammate it would be him you know, I wouldn't choose anyone over him. We push each other for success and I mean I wouldn't want to succeed without him or without any of my teammates really," said Ryan Dominguez, a Permian gymnastics junior.

The boys are under the guidance of head coach Chris Soto who was apart of Permian's 2005 state championship team.

"When I was on the team competing it was one of those things where it wasn't it didn't look likely to happen you know and the amount of work that it took to do it I could see how much it weighs and they've done that part you know. If they can just hold that down I would like to see them do the same thing," said Coach Soto.

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