The Flying Cow Tallow Cream

The Flying Cow Tallow Cream
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Here in West Texas, we all know in these dry and warm conditions keeping your skin moisturized can be a challenge.

One Midland woman created her own solution for her cracking skin, she hand makes a cream using cow fat.

She says tallow has similar oil that our own body produces making it easy for our own body to absorb.

But what are the benefits of cow tallow? There's just a range of vitamins that you can get in tallow that you cannot get in plant oils like vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Britney Arceneaux stumbled upon cow tallow many years ago when she was looking for a solution for her severe acne problem.

That's when she decided to create her own line of products called "The Flying Cow".

The before and after results are impressive, she said after trying everything this was her last resort and it worked, it healed her skin.

Britney's products are 100% organic. She gets the tallow from local organic farmers keeping the products as fresh as possible...straight from the farm to your face.

If your interested in trying out these products, you can follow the Flying Cow Tallow on Facebook and Instagram or visit there page at You can also find Britney at the farmers market one Saturday a month in Midland.

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