Def Con War Zone kicks off their haunted house laser tag on Friday the 13th

(Source: Victor Blanco)
(Source: Victor Blanco)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you're a thrill-seeker and love getting scared, why wait until Halloween when you can experience several jump scares in April?

Billy Pon is a filmmaker and what he calls, a "hauntrepeneaur."

"I was always into the VHS revolution and back then, your moms didn't check the boxes and stuff so I watched every horror movie I could get my hands on," said Pon.

As a kid, he's been designing his own haunted houses but for 20 years, an 8,000 sq ft building in Odessa has become home to his collection of his own film props and hair-raising friends.

"What I wanted to bring to life since I'm a filmmaker is put you in your own horror movie," said Pons. "It's like you're in your own live video game or horror movie and it gets your heart going. It's like a roller-coaster you walk through or run through."

Using laser training rifles, you'll enter the maze in a group of four, where you might have a surprise hiding in a corner that could leave you running scared. The maze will include several Jason Voorheens that may surprise you out of nowhere.

"When I was young, trick-or-treating was really big but that's all way side now. When I get my biggest joy now is watching families come out here and those kids are bringing those kids out here now. It seems like it's a Permian Basin tradition and that's what I like about it," said Pon.

So are you brave enough to face your fears? Take fright, because your friends at Operation Camp Jason will be waiting for you. Tickets are 20 dollars for both Friday and Saturday, it starts at 7 until midnight. There's no age limit, it's at your own discretion. You can buy tickets here.

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