State Rep. trying to pass Monica's law

(KWES) - This week, victims of crime are being honored nationwide.

On Wednesday, the state representative vowed to fight for the bill once more in the 2019 term.

In West Texas, its stories like Monica Deming's, a single mother that was murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend, that are brought to light.

"He took away a mother to her son, which is probably the most tragic part of the loss is the loss of a mother, for a little boy," said Jon Nielsen, Monica's dad.

Her father has been fighting for Monica's law, which is still a bill to see the light of Gov. Greg Abbott's desk, but it was unsuccessful this year.

The bill was a way for anyone to have someone's past abusive behavior open to the public.

"What we came up with was a bill, that we call Monica's law, and it's a bill that empowers would be victims find out valuable information about protective orders, about history of family abusers it would also provide law enforcement with additional tools to use against domestic abusers," said State Rep. Brooks Landgraf.

State Representative Brooks Landgraf took the bill to the Texas House of Representatives where the bill passed.

But, because it was unable to pass in the Senate, the bill did not go forth into becoming a law.

"I stand before you today and say that that fight is not over," said Landgraf.

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