"Puppy Paradise"

"Puppy Paradise"
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ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Strength, purpose and belonging...these words describe the initiative "Puppy Paradise".

A lot of the residents at the Lincoln Tower retirement community in Odessa created their own little project for the residents' best friends, their dogs!

This retirement community has furry friends but they don't know what to do with them if they have a to go to the hospital.

The general manager says that "there's a tragic thing that happens when the residents go to the hospital. They think about their furry friends. What "Puppy Paradise does is take their friends out of the apartment, take them to "Puppy Paradise" and the whole community helps take care of them".

If a resident is in need of someone to take care of their pet, there's a designated playground where all the dogs and cats can get together and play.

Members of "Puppy Paradise" thought about everything, they even have a chef who spoils these furry friends by baking home goods every day.

The chef is constantly coming up with new recipes. He says these treats are healthier than the ones you buy at the store because he can control what goes into the treats.

The residents love knowing that their best friend is in good hands...and like they say, a house is not a home without their best friend!

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