Summer Mummer auditions bring together veteran cast members and new faces

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Summer Mummers is preparing for another season of its interactive, popcorn throwing performances.

Organizers from the production holding an audition on Sunday to cast their newest melodrama "Diabolical Deeds on the Diamond."

Dozens of people showing up today to fill out casting sheets and audition in hopes of landing a part.

The turnout featured a lot of veteran performers and some new ones.

"There are about 10% new faces," says Laura Abbott, the stage manager for Summer Mummers.

Some of those new faces like Kellie Withrow tell us they've been to Summer Mummers in the past, and now want to be part of the unique performance.

"I'm excited, we'll see what happens, it's fun such a good environment," says Withrow.

Today's event provided plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs, and beverages for the future cast mates, a possible distraction to the audition that loomed just hours away.

"We've got some new people that you can tell they have that wide-eyed look that there not really sure what they're here for and that's the best part," says Michelle Wagner, President of Summer Mummers.

"Diabolical Deeds on the Diamond" is set to open at Yucca theater June 1st.

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