Consider This... High Stakes STAAR Testing

(KWES) - If you see a teacher or student who is a little more high strung than usual this weekend, it's probably because their proverbial Academic Super Bowl is next week. STAAR testing kicks off this Tuesday, and the stakes for our area are higher than ever.

Emphasis on standardized testing has grown across the country in recent years as states, including Texas, have raised the consequences of poor performances. If a school's students score poorly during two consecutive years, the campus must submit a turnaround plan to the state. If students continue to score poorly, a state monitor can be assigned and schools can close.  We have seen this happen in some of our communities right here on the Permian Basin.

This year, STAAR scores will be one of the largest factors in determining what letter grade schools will receive under the state's new, letter-grading accountability system.

Consider This... regardless of where you stand on standardized testing.  It's our responsibility to be that good coach or cheerleader on the sideline and inspire our students and teachers as they march out on to the field for the STAAR Test.

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