Midlander ready to take her talents to American Ninja Warrior

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - To Sequestiny O'Neal, the Tall City will always be home.

"Just growing up in Midland, it's a small town so everybody knew everybody," said O'Neal.

The Midland Lee graduate played basketball and was always the life of the party.

"I was always very, very active. I came out of the womb active," said O'Neal

Sports and activities were always an outlet. They became her way to help deal with the bad times, most notably the separation of her parents when she was younger.

"I love my parents dearly, unfortunately, life happened."

Life went on, which led her to a gym owner, where she learned more about different types of high-intensity workouts.

"I started getting stronger. It was crazy how I couldn't do zero things. With consistency and not giving up, here I am doing all kinds of stuff," said O'Neal.

The gym happened to be a place with workouts similar to what you see on the show American Ninja Warrior.

O'Neal added that networking allowed her to become a course tester for the show twice.

"They have a lot of people who do the course, run through and see if it's too easy, too hard, and what adjustments they have to make," said O' Neal.

After not getting picked for the show, becoming a tester, O'Neal got a call she'd been working towards, earlier this year.

"My eyes started getting really big and my eyes are itty, bitty so it's hard to get them big. I'm smiling really hard and telling people I'm on the phone with them. Everybody was looking and pulling out their phones recording," said O'Neal.

O'Neal says it took two years of training to get the opportunity to be on the show. She described it as a leap of faith even getting involved, but taking a leap is what she would advise everyone who as a dream to do.

"You have to believe that it's possible," said O'Neal.

She's been called Sequestiny, Quest, and Shay by friends and family, but you can also call her American Ninja Warrior competitor.

If you want to catch O'Neal, she tells us her episode will air May 30th at 8:00 p.m. on NewsWest 9.

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