Buba’s Botanicals brings a Texas twist to homemade tea

Buba’s Botanicals brings a Texas twist to homemade tea
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It all started with her grandparents' love for tea. Gabriella Buba remembers being eight years old and helping her grandparents mix herbs to make a cup.

Gabriella college where she studied herbalism in college but got into the tea business with her grandparents long before. At that point, she was already feeding family and friends tea and one day it just made sense to her to sell it to the community.

A few years ago she decided to start her own business, Buba
s Botanicals, where she sells her homemade tea.

Her top seller, ginger spice tummy tea, has a lot of health benefits. It's a blend of ginger, chamomile, mint and strawberry leaves and used to cleanse the pallet if you're feeling full after a big meal. It also helps mild queasiness, motion sickness and more.

Gabriella has more than four different blends of tea available.

A fun fact about Gabriella
s tea, she partners with local farmers to help the local businesses and bring freshness to every cup of tea.

Strawberry leaves are a part of her blend, and before she partnered with Plants and Produce in Midland, Gabriella had to drive all the way to Austin or Dallas to get them.

If you ask Gabriella, a cup of tea a day keeps your worries away.

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