Worker shortage in West Texas

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - West Texans, are back to work and the unemployment rate in both Midland County and Ector County show it. Now, it's the workers that are short-handed.

Area:                   TexasArea Type:              StatewideState/Region/Division:  Texas

Unemployment Rates:

Midland County 2.6 %

Ector County 3.2%

"We have been seeing a trend in the Permian Basin the last couple of years. You know, I hate to use the boom word, but we are back into it," said Willie Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Solutions Permian Basin.

Taylor, says that about 15% of people move here just to work, and that's simply because West Texas has a lot of jobs to offer.

"You have to look at the Industry sector that we have here. We don't just have oil and gas sector. We have education, we have health care, transportation, construction and so everybody doesn't make the oil and gas money out here," said Taylor.

One of the biggest problems getting people to move here is the housing market, the price of housing recently raised by 20 to 30%.

Companies are trying to pull in the youth in the community as a big source of future workers.

"Our pipeline is our public-school districts your Odessa public-school has about 132,000 kids Midland is about 127,000," said Taylor.

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