Rockhounds extend nets for new season

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a movement among ballparks all across the nation, extending netting to protect fans in the stands something the rockhounds have had in mind for quite some time.

"When we first built the ballpark we had the net come all the way to this end of the dugout where most places the net stopped and the start of the inside of the dugout,"

Back in February, the Rockhounds decided to install a completely new net that extends beyond the ends of the dugout covering most of the seats in the stadium. Improved technology made this decision almost a no-brainer for the organization.

"You know a lot of people sometimes worry about seeing through the net but its really easy to see through now the way they make them," said Hoppel.

Of course with the doors still closed until the start of the season, fans haven't had the chance to express their thoughts on the changes but management believes reactions will be positive.

"I mean I know even my daughter says and she's 24 years old says I wanna sit behind the net so I think most people knowing that you can see through it really easily, they're gonna love it," said Hoppel.

The ballpark will actually see some baseball action tomorrow night, as the Red Raiders are coming to town to play New Mexico State.

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