Big Trucks need to stay out of city limits in Odessa.

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Big Trucks are required to follow a new city ordinance in Odessa.

The ordinance asks trucks to stay off city roads and follow the truck routes outlined here.

According to Prairie Transportation, that's not such a bad thing.

"To me having that ordinance, you know, would benefit the community and the trucking company as well. You know, to cut down on traffic especially in the community if they stick to those trucking routes," said Tony Garza, Prairie Transportation.

Trucks that fall under the new ordinance are any vehicle over a gross 8 rating or above 10,000 pounds.

This move comes after the Odessa Police Department received multiple complaints from citizens.

"Several complaints, in reference to the bigger trucks driving through the city limits as a result the city ordinance was created," said Cpl. Steven Lesuer, Odessa Police.

The new ordinance will help prevent nasty holes in the streets from happening.

"You know, just coming down this route on the service road. You can tell by all the pot holes that they are constantly having to work on them and because of that nature because of the weight of the trucks," said Garza.

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