Albertson's partnering with SHARE to give back to autism community

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - While you're shopping at Albertson's/Market Street and you're at the check-out line, you can be a helping hand to the local autism community.

As part of Albertson's being a sponsor for the non-profit SHARE's annual Autism walk, they're giving back donations made by customers in-store. Because for many years, SHARE has been serving families of autistic and special-needs children in West Texas. Providing respite care, parent and sibling support services to many families, all at no cost.

"Without the support of businesses, we wouldn't be able to provide our services," said SHARE Executive Director Tom Jones. "It's really important to me because the families that care for the kids deal with a lot of problems and issues. I really believe the family needs to be strong and healthy to really provide good support for the child with special needs."

It's another way SHARE kicks off one of their biggest fundraisers, the autism SHARE walk. It's where families can walk to raise awareness, find connections to resources, but also, connections with other families.

"Sometimes the community doesn't understand seem the challenges that kids with autism and other disabilities have," said Jones. "We want to bring community members in and let them know our kids with autism and other disabilities are just like their kids just with certain challenges."

So while you're shopping at Market Street, remember, any dollar you donate to SHARE goes a long way and it's a reminder that sharing is caring.

"It's important to let our families be included and accepted by the community and it's a wonderful way to let them know that businesses and friends in the community loves and accepts them and there's a place for them in our community in West Texas," said Jones.

When you go to the register, it will ask you if you'd like to donate to SHARE. You can add the donation to the ticket total. This starts on April 15 until the end of the month. You can also donate to SHARE's website by clicking here.

The Autism SHARE Walk will be held Apr. 28 at Grande Stadium.

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