Consider This... A Faceplant for Facebook

(KWES) - As Americans, we value our privacy for the most part, but we freely post our thoughts and gripes and beliefs, even physical ailments, with complete openness on social media.  For many, it would be easy to create profiles based on these posts and "Likes" and "Shares," but it is when we are the targets of malicious and influencing messages that we get quickly uncomfortable.

Social media giant Facebook has had a rough time of it recently.  It was found out that a third party gained access to data from 50 million Facebook users in the US, and the information was used to build profiles and most likely send targeted messages to those users.

Now, it is hard to tell at this point if laws were broken but this type of data collection and usage certainly borders on an invasion of privacy and, again, it affected 50 million in the US.  Quick math will tell you that it affected 1 in 4 voters.  And with the nature of Facebook being posting, following and then sharing, it is easy to see how influential content could be passed around and could impact the majority of Facebook users.

Consider This...  Facebook has faced a run of issues that have now cost the company billions of dollars in value.  It will take the social media giant investing in itself – managing itself – for value and trust to return for many of us.

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