Permian Basin distribution company hope solar equipment improve oil and gas industry, environment

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - One Permian Basin distribution company is looking to improve industries in and the environment with a new shipment of equipment.

"It's all new technology," said Rodgie Whiteside, Sales Manager, GenPro LLC.

That technology is solar light towers from Arizona to the Permian Basin. Technology Whiteside said this will help the community, starting with the oil and gas industry.

"We have a shortage of good workers, so that person you have out there delivering that diesel is minimal, but the person could be more productive when you're short of people, when you get to work every day," said Whiteside.

Along with other needs of the region.

"Special events, railroad and vehicle accidents," said Whiteside.

The reason Whiteside believes these solar towers are needed because it is especially helpful in regard to the air we breathe.

"No emissions. You're not spewing diesel out in the atmosphere, which all the oil companies talking about sustainability," said Whiteside.

Whiteside added the towers save money and are easy to set up. In our area, he believes the sun is a resource many other places don't have the benefit of using.

"In West Texas and Texas, we have more useable sunlight than any state in the US. In West Texas we have about six hours a day of average usable, collectable sunlight," said Whiteside.

This innovative technology is aiming to help improve a major industry and the environment. All that's needed is a little sun.

For more information on the solar towers, you can call Whiteside at the GenPro LLC at (512) 461-0385 or (800) 917-3959.

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