Midland Humane Coalition launches 'Trap, Neuter, Return' program

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Humane Coalition has created the "Trap, Neuter, Return" program to control the population of cats on the streets of Midland.

Volunteers are asked to trap feral cats then take them to the vet to be spayed or neutered.  Afterward, the cats are returned or released.

If you want to sign up, first you will need to get a trap from the non-profit.

"We are ready for six more cat depots," Natalie Castillo with the coalition said. "Cat depots play a really important role in our trap neuter program, they're  the ones that hold about five traps at their home and then they are the ones that educate the public on the TNR program and rent the traps out to them."

The volunteers pay a $70 deposit that is only charged if the trap is lost or damaged. They also receive a KIT, that has cat food, trash bags and blankets to help keep the cat comfortable during the surgery process.

The non-profit also got some help from two grants, a $40,000 spay and neuter assistance grant from Pet Smart charities and a $50,000 spay and neuter assistance from James A. Buddy Davidson Charitable Foundation.

The money from the foundations as well as assistance from the City of Midland goes towards paying for the vet bills.

"If you have the $70 spay or neuter voucher for either the City of Midland or Midland County along with that $30 grant money then you are getting a $100 off your cat surgery," said Castillo.

The remainder of the bill would be left for the volunteer to pay.

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