Jenna Bush Hager visit leaves lasting impression on students

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's not just parents with an idea who Jenna Bush Hager is, students do too.

"I know she used to live in Midland, she's the president's daughter, and she used to go to Trinity," said Evelyn Counts, 2nd Grader, Trinity School.

What students also know about Bush Hager is her charitable work, something they're learning to do too.

They finished their Cans for Charities project where the kids collected and sold aluminum cans, raising money for local charities in Midland. It's a project Counts was heavily involved in.

"I think it was a really good thing and was really important to do. It's something you should do for the rest of your life," said Counts.

Counts said the students took field trips and raising the money turned into a friendly competition with friends.

"We tried to have a contest on who can get the most cans. I came in second place," said Counts.

The project was a win-win for the community, Bush Hager was there to confirm that and tell her story about the importance of giving back throughout life.

Her experiences resonated with everyone, including Counts.

"I've learned that it's never too late to help out and you should always help out whenever you get a chance," said Counts.

School officials tell us $9000 was raised and split evenly between three Midland charities, The Breaking Bread Soup Kitchen, The Field's Edge, and Casa De Amigos.

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