MISD on a quest to be their best

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Independent School District is trying to come up with new ideas on how students will learn.

When you are trying to be innovative you must think outside the box.

For MISD that means not just looking for an idea in West Texas, but nationwide.

"We are looking at Denver, Indianapolis to see what it is that they are doing with their system of great schools and their transformation of great schools of how they could benefit our community,' said Elise Kail, Executive Director of Accountability.

Through the field trips to other campuses, there are a few ideas that have emerged, but nothing official had been released.

"We have looked at some campus that have coding opportunities, for computer science. We have seen what a young women's STEM program might look like," said Kail.

Aside from on-site visits, school officials are researching by reading educational books on institutions, making phone calls, and having Skype interviews.

"We want to find out we want to know from the best what are you doing and how could you do that in Midland," said Kail.

A plan will be announced next month at the school board meeting in April and results could be implemented as early as the start of next school year.

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