Proposed storm water fee set for public hearing on Tuesday

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A public hearing will be held for a proposed storm water drainage fee Tuesday morning during a city council meeting starting at 10 a.m.

It's the public's first chance to share their opinion on a fee that would be tacked on to their water bills.

The proposal hinges on another ordinance that's proposed to the city council, which would declare the drainage of storm water in Midland as a public utility.

In the city's current proposal, residential and commercial properties that would have separate tier-based fee schedules.

For a full look at the city's current proposal, click here.

Mayor Morales says the proposed fee is a way for the city to share the cost burden for a number of drainage projects he believes the city needs.

"We've always absorbed the cost but we would like to start catching up and getting ahead of some of these projects, so it's a discussion we need to have with the public," says Morales.

The city's current proposal is modeled to raise more than $12 million in the next five years, which Morales told us is about 20 percent of the capital drainage projects they are looking to work on.

"This is kind of just the first step to raise some money, and it's not gonna happen overnight. Then we'll go work the projects and prove to the citizens that we're gonna get these things cleaned up," Morales said.

Morales said the current proposal may be adjusted after speaking with the public tomorrow, but either way, the proposal will still have to go through a second reading from the council and be approved with a vote before it can take effect.

If the proposal is approved in a second reading, officials say the fee could appear on water bills after October 1.

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