Event helps raise money for brain cancer research

Event helps raise money for brain cancer research
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Cancer is a terrible disease affecting millions.

One event in Midland helped raise funds to examine and study brain cancer more closely.

Saturday marked the second straight year of the Herbish Spring Fundraiser, "Hunting For a Cure" aimed to raise money for brain cancer research.

The event honored eight men who were affected by the disease.

Organizers say getting communities like Midland together to help raise money go a long way.

"The disease like so many cancers, particularly those that are largely lethal are underfunded and thus under researched. It requires events like this, grass roots, and generosity of people to make a difference," said Matt Anthony, Founder & President, Head for the Cure Foundation.

In two events last year, over $200,000 was raised for research.

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