Midland ISD proposed secondary school boundary changes gets number of responses from community

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland ISD is looking to go forward with their proposed boundary changes for some secondary schools in the district.

Its full steam ahead especially after the almost fifty responses from the community.

"Most of those questions were dealing with if I have a current that is in an existing feeder system or feeder school, will they be able to stay within that feeder school," said James Riggen, Chief Operations Officer, Midland ISD.

The proposed changes focus on bringing balance to some secondary school. Riggen said the Goddard boundary and more specifically Goddard Junior High has seen over 200 students more than the building can handle.

If the changes are approved, a little under 400 students could be affected.

"Sixth grade students are the ones that will be mostly affected with the changes in boundaries. They will be assigned to as presented if the board elects to approve those boundaries on March 26th," said Riggen.

The board has looked at the boundary plans and Riggen added, they too had questions of their own.

"The feedback we have received from some of our public comments has generated questions from our board members to us, to look at other alternatives. They have been reviewing our feedback to those questions," said Riggen.

District leaders say growth in some boundaries as oppose to others is the reason for the proposed changes. Changes that had the community wondering about.

If you want a second look at the proposal see below:

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