Staying protected during the storm

Staying protected during the storm

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - While the flowers are about to be blooming for Spring, thunderstorms are said to be forming in the sky.

"When it comes, it pours. You have hail, you have freezing temperatures. And not knowing how your policy works in term of weather or what to do, God forbid that does happen, is what we have problems with," said Jason Yeley, State Farm agent.

If you were here last year June you probably know someone that was affected in some way due to hail damage. The number of losses raked up to the millions.

"There were 480 million dollars of insured losses from the hail storm back in June of last year and people get the checks, for their car or truck," said Mark Hanna, Insurance Council of Texas, Public Relations.

Don't get too excited about that big check.

If you are still making payments to your car or home, bank lenders will want you to make those repairs.

When it comes to renters, don't turn your ears off too fast as you have options to stay protected too.

"It's just called a renter's policy, like all the inside, all your clothes, you know your couches and everything in there like that, but it also starts to build rapport. So when you do buy a home you just transfer those policies over," said Yeley.

If you want to start preparing, then I would suggest you pick up a camera and let your inner photographer take over.

Having pictures, of that new QLED TV or 6-Series 4K HDR Roku that you just bought will come in handy if your house ever flooded. That goes for renters and homeowners.

Don't forget to get your car, truck or motorcycle either.

"Just having something to reference before and before and after the storm and just talking with your insurance company, and just knowing how they like to do things what covered and what not covered."

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