Lee lacrosse hopes to start league play next year

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - One sport that we often don't hear a lot about but is a growing team sport around different parts of the country is lacrosse. The sport has also been known as the fastest sport on two feet because of how fast the ball is able to be moved down the field. Three years ago, Midland Lee started a club lacrosse team that not only sparked interest around the Permian Basin, but also around parts of West Texas.

"It's kind of been an up and down start. El Paso's got a team where we play them and most of the team's here including El Paso play in the New Mexico league until we can get 6 teams. We currently just started a fifth team so we're hoping by next year we'll have six teams and can start our own division of Texas high school lacrosse and we'll be able to play for a state championship in Texas," said Coach Bill Klingensmith.  

As the sport continues to grow so does the team, junior Christian Martinez started playing as a freshman and since then has developed a passion for the sport.

"I've been captain of this team since sophomore year, so I really love to see it grow and grow the game that I love. It's a giant brotherhood. You know you see the sports like football, baseball and basketball, but everybody plays those. With lacrosse it's such a limited amount of people. You see someone and say 'Hey you play lacrosse, I play lacrosse' you have that instant connection there. It's like a big fraternity that's why I love it," said Christian Martinez.

While lacrosse may not be familiar to most communities, it is one of the fastest growing team sports in Texas and one reason could be the different techniques used in the game.

"I think it combines every sport like soccer, hockey, football. It gives you the contact and you need the endurance as well. I just like giving them kind of an all in one thing," said Ryan Farris.

"It's based off skill not exactly size, so I mean that plays a big factor in it and to be good at this sport is if you put in practice time. You have to put in dedication and reps, reps, reps. That's how you get good," said Ivan Hinjos.

As the sport continues to grow and the rosters get a little bigger every year, the coaches stress the biggest factor in the fastest sport on two feet.

"Number one reason it's a blast. We have kids just showing up now and we're toward the end of the season. We tell them get ready in a game you're going to get knocked around. That's the first thing I would tell folks is get ready lacrosse is not a wimpy sport but it's a lot of fun. People need to come out and they need to come watch," said Coach Phillip Wallis.

For now, Lee's lacrosse team is just a club team so some of the players travel with Midland High's team like a united type of team. As Coach Klingensmith mentioned, they hope by next year they will have enough teams to have real league play.

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