Before you buy an Easter pet make sure you are ready

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - They're cute, small, cuddly and fluffy but, buying a chick or bunny is a serious commitment.

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According to the Ranch Supply Co. in Odessa, the sale of chicks and bunnies go up closer to Easter.

Animal advocates, though, want you to think before you buy.

"It's a good idea to give kids something that they are not going to keep forever they are just going to like while they are young," said Fernando Valenzuela, Animal Service in Midland.

If you live in town though there are city ordinances you need to consider as well.

"You can have up to 4 chickens, but they do have to be enclosed in an odorless proof, soundproof building," said Valezula.

The building also needs to have Air Conditioning and heating during the winter months.

Residents living out in Midland County do not have laws that restrict them from having chickens living outdoors.

When it comes to bunnies it doesn't matter if you are in town or in the counties you can have them in your backyard.

To know more about city ordinances in Midland click here.

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