MHS Lacrosse builds momentum

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "A lot of people look at you like what is that? A lot of people associate it with the east coast you know older schools," said William Logsdon.

William and his wife Tammie Logsdon brought it to Midland High four years ago, and have remained the coaches of this club sport.

"My background is in hockey and I found out those two really aren't similar.  We're learning as we go and we're working really hard to figure this game out," said Logsdon.

This year the Dawgs are one of the top teams in their league, a league based out of New Mexico. A huge part of their success is the growth that their senior leaders have made during their short time playing the sport.

"I played baseball and football growing up. That's what West Texas is about and once I heard about lacrosse I was like hmm that's a new sport. So I came out there one day Ms. Logsdon's like 'hey go out there and go play goalie for me' and I said okay," said Cayden Rogers.

After this last lap with bulldog lax, Rogers will continue playing goalie in college at Tarleton State.

With new youth lacrosse programs in the area, more West Texans may look to play in college in the future.

For now, the Bulldogs know that a great season would be great exposure for the sport they've come to know and love.

"I hope we just play our game and do the best we can do and surprise a lot of people," said  Zachary Lee, MHS Senior.

The Dawgs have a big weekend ahead as they are hosting teams from El Paso and Albuquerque.

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