Keep Midland Beautiful will plant 25 trees in Washington Park

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It hasn't rained in West Texas in a long time but the lack of rain won't stop Washington Park from looking a little greener.

Keep Midland Beautiful is teaming up with organizations from Master Gardeners, Parsley Energy and 4th graders from Washington Elementary in a tree-planting project, where they'll plant 25 trees in Washington Park.

"It's just to make awareness in that community, engage them and get them to come help us keep it clean and beautiful," said Keep Midland Beautiful Executive Director Amanda Byrom. "Planting trees is a great start. It's a permanent way to add beauty to the community and people love trees around here we don't always have so many."

It's a start to kick off the spring season in the Tall City. The trees selected don't require high water needs, so they're able to establish without permanent irrigation. Since money doesn't grow on trees, Parsley Energy is providing all funding for all supplies and irrigation.

"When Parsley Energy started the conversation, they were interested in this park because of operations they're doing in this area," said Byrom. "It's going to be a cool thing to have different community organizations coming together from private to public sector just to make a difference in our community looks. It's really going to approve the appearance of the park."

West Texas might be a little dry, but with this partnership, Keep Midland Beautiful hopes to continue connecting with their roots with the city, and where this community does nothing more but continues to grow.

You can join in on the project. The tree planting starts on Thursday, Mar. 22 at Washington Park at 9 a.m.

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