New information released after MPD chief placed on administrative leave

New information released after MPD chief placed on administrative leave

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We're learning new details behind the Midland Police Chief being placed on administrative leave earlier this month.

Steve Henry will continue to get paid his full salary of $145,000 a year, according to his contract.

Henry is also to be available during normal business hours to the investigator for any interviews or inquiries, but he was ordered not to discuss the investigation or authorize anyone to initiate discussions with potential witnesses on his behalf.

According to records provided by the City of Midland, Henry allegedly engaged in conduct that violated two of the City of Midland's Personnel Policies from early January until early March 2018 on multiple occasions.

The complaint also states the conduct involved in the complaints was a violation of the Harassment Policy of the City of Midland through both verbal comments and physical contact.

The specific policies that were violated have not been identified at this time.


The Midland Chief of Police is on paid administrative leave as of March 20, a city official confirmed.

It's unclear why Chief Steve Henry is on leave at this time. We're told other officials were briefed Tuesday morning.

The City of Midland has released the following statement:

On March 20, Steve Henry was placed on paid administrative leave following a formal complaint.

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