UTPB's Daeshon Francis named Division II All-American

UTPB senior Daeshon Francis is a two-time South Central Region Player of the Year while also being named the Lone Star Conference Player of the Year in both seasons. This year he was named a Division II All-American, Coach Andy Newman believes Daeshon's basketball career will not end as a Falcon.

"I think he's the best player in all of Division II. That doesn't surprise me, it shouldn't surprise anyone here who's watched him play. It might be surprising for people outside like, 'oh my gosh UTPB's got an All-American'. As a player and as a young man he's definitely an All-American. He's just an absolute stud on and off the court. One thing I do know is that Daeshon is going to play basketball for a long time past now. At what level and where, I don't know. A lot of that in my experience is about fit. I really hope for him that he finds a place that appreciates him as a player and also as a person and latches on to him and keeps him there for a long time. I think Josh will definitely play professionally somewhere next year and James McPherson will play. I think Sammy Allen has an opportunity so I think all four of the guys will have an opportunity. And even Zeldric King. Zeldric is talented enough and he's big and he scores so he'll have an opportunity too. What they do with that opportunity moving forward will determine a lot," said Andy Newman.

The seniors on this team helped put the Falcons back on the map in college basketball and led UTPB to two great seasons that will go down in the record books.

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