Seeking the death penalty for drug dealers in West Texas

(KWES) - President Donald Trump wants to go after certain drug dealers hard.

We are only a little bit past half of the month of March and already more than 51 people in Midland County have been arrested for possession of controlled substances.

Midland Sheriff Gary Painter says he supports the effort to take the war on drugs more seriously.

"President Trump is proposing that certain people receive the death penalty in certain instances. I totally agree with him these are dangerous, dangerous, deadly drugs, something needs to be done to stop the epidemic," Painter said.

Both dealer and users are what is called, "frequent fliers," meaning that they are in and out of jail.

"An opioid addict always comes back, very seldom the biggest problem we have are the pharmaceutical drugs that are being dispensed in record numbers," Painter said.

If incarceration isn't enough, death tolls should strike a nerve overdoses have increased the past thirty years.

Right now, in Texas, if a dealer is found to be guilty of causing the death of a user, the dealer could face charges of involuntary manslaughter or voluntary manslaughter. That decision on charges is a case by case.

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