Train Car Cigar Bar in Big Spring grows after its establishment

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - It's one of a kind in Big Spring, a train car but it's also a cigar bar. It's been open for a little over a year. But even in a small town, the owners said its grown since then.

Since they get a bigger crowd, they've extended their hours, have live music every week, cater to private parties and sponsor events to benefit the community.

"We thought Big Spring needed it," said Camilla Strande, co-owner. "And that's been very true."

Right across the railroad tracks are train cars that were moved here back in 1990 by Big Spring Main Street, Inc. The non-profit aimed to revitalize the downtown area. A little over a year ago, that space has since come alive. It's all thanks to Camilla and Brent Strande who wanted to open a cigar lounge.

"We talked about it for a while and reached out to try finding people that would be interested in doing something like it, but nobody seemed to have as much interest as we did so we decided to do it ourselves," said Co-owner Brent Strande.

That's when The Train Car Cigar Bar was born, a spot where visitors can grab a drink, a cigar and listen to live music.

"It brings out the best in Big Spring," said Brent. "Even people from out-of-town. We love hearing that this is really cool for Big Spring, West Texas, Texas, or its cool no matter what. They know and they love to have it in their own town."

"The railroad was always such a big part and it's a historical reminder of how important the train was to West Texas," said Camilla. "Now, the train car is important to Big Spring."

So if you're looking for a small spot to blow off some steam, the Train Car in Big Spring is your next stop.

To find the latest going on at the Train Car, you can follow them on their Facebook page here.

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