Midland chef releases cook book

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland chef's culinary career is heating up.

Chef Stephen Gonzalez recently released a cook book featuring 150 of his favorite recipes.

He says the inspiration for the book came from his friends and colleagues.

"I had a lot of friends approaching me say I wanna cook for my boyfriend girlfriend, can you help me come up with a 5 course meal," says Gonzalez.

The chef says this book is just the latest step in a passion that he's turned into a career.

"I love to teach people how to cook, and I love people who say they burn water, cause they're the ones that I'm gonna help say I made this really awesome meal, and I did it from this book," says Gonzalez

Gonzalez says along with recipes the book also features recommendations of pairings.

"So people can see this goes great with this and this goes great with that, and they'll have an entire meal."

It's a personal touch that Gonzalez hopes will be the ingredient to his success.

"My goal is to be well-known, well respected in the community and the state of Texas, maybe the country," says Gonzalez.

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