Representative Mike Conaway, others look to move on from Russia Investigation

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KWES) - Representative Mike Conaway and the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have printed up their report on the Russia Investigation.

We're told the report is about 150 pages and on the way to be declassified so the public can read it.

The Republicans in the committee closed their investigation into Russia this week.

They believe the Russian's did commit cyber-attacks and political institution and make noise on social media but they did NOT collude with President Trump in the election.

"It's a sense of relief to start moving toward completion. We've got some additional writing and editing to do and we'll kick out to the intelligence committee a week from tomorrow so it can be declassified. I hope that goes very quickly because I know the American public will see the report itself so they'll look at what we found and didn't find," said Conaway.

Even though the Republicans closed their report, Conaway says it doesn't affect Special Counsel Robert Muller's independent investigation.

"He's got a job to do. He's got questions to answer that were different than the questions we were trying to answer. His deal is to get an indictment where wrongdoing was done," said Conaway.

The congressman says the Democrats read the report on Tuesday. It's wildly expected they will refute the report.

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