Red Cross creates app to help children prepare for natural disasters

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The American Red Cross has created a new free app called Monster Guard for children between the ages of 7 and 11. Its goal is to teach them ways to prepare and stay safe in case of a fire, tornado, floods and other natural disasters.

This app helps children understand what to do in case of an emergency by role-playing as monster characters.

The question is, when an emergency comes, will you be ready? What about your children? Will they know what to do?

To help children be ready for an emergency, the app will have the user role-play and they will get points for having an emergency plan, having a safe room in the house and others.

Users can make the game anything they want and it's great for parents because the parents will know that their children have access to information they need to make themselves safe.

The Red Cross is encouraging children to be prepared for a real-life emergency at home, school or other environments.

Each year, countless wildfires are started by people carelessly not putting out their cigarette butts. This app not only teaches your children what causes these fires, but ways to prevent them.

The Red Cross also has other apps for adults. Some of the apps will warn you when bad weather is coming in, others will tell you what to do in case of an emergency like a tornado.

Monster guard and other American Red Cross apps are free to download on the app store and Google Play.

The American Red Cross is also looking for volunteers. If you want to lend a hand and help out, you can give them a call at 432-530-6886.

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