City of Odessa's plan to get trucks off city roads

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Sometimes you need to say things more than once. In this case, the City of Odessa is reiterating their message about trucks in city limits.

"What we're trying to do is make the truck routes Loop 338 and Interstate 20," said Hal Feldman, Traffic Coordinator, City of Odessa

An idea Feldman said the city and TxDOT have been working together on for over a year, is close to finishing.

"There's no doubt that trucks put more stress on a roadway than a pick-up truck or a motor vehicle," said Feldman.

What can and can't be on city limits, if you drive a truck with a tandem axle, it can't be in the city. Truck/tractor/semi-trailer combos also can't be in the city.

"If a truck does not have a destination or a delivery point within the city of Odessa, then they should be using 1-20 or Loop 338," said Feldman.

There is an exception though.

"If the trucks do have a destination or a delivery point in Odessa, they need to be using I-20 or Loop 338 and use the shortest route to get to that destination point," said Feldman.

The reminder to truck drivers is all about keeping the roads in good condition

"We expect to see increase traffic but hopefully we won't see increase traffic on city roads," said Feldman.

There could be consequences, so the city will keep hammering home the rules.

Feldman tells us signs will go up on routes on I-20 and Loop 338 at the end of the month. The city hopes that will give drivers enough time to get accustomed to the rules before the ordinance gets enforced.

If you want to see the truck routes in Odessa click here:

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