New class teaching West Texans to grow their own vineyard

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you've ever dreamed of having a vineyard in your own backyard, now it's possible.

Just clear your schedules for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning because there will be a class at the Odessa Food Bank that could help you start your own vineyard at home.

Mark Tyler and his wife started to harvest grapes as a hobby.

He says it's something anybody can do in their own backyard.

Five years ago the Tylers decided to start a small vineyard in there own backyard and every year in August they harvest their own grapes. Mark talked about the very first time he drank his own wine.

"It felt amazing that you can produce something that was good enough to drink and that you made it and got out here and did all the work and all the sweat and time and effort. It was really satisfying," Mark said.

The class is for anyone who is interested, even if you have no experience.

At the class, you'll be able to learn and talk about grapes as well as many types of wines out there.

For more information or to save a spot, you can call 432 498 4071

You can also just show up for these classes at the Odessa Food Bank located at 411 S Pagewood Avenue.

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