Midland dog recovering from crudely cropped ears

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A dog was turned into the Andrews Animal Clinic on Friday after it was found by good Samaritans in a suffering condition.

Someone had crudely cropped the animals ears leaving it covered in blood and in visible pain.

The clinic's vet Dr. Mark Miller says whoever cut the animal never put in any stitches, which left the animal with open wounds and infections.

Thankfully, all of the injuries were treatable.

While cropping ears is not illegal, Dr. Miller says it's a procedure that should only be left to professionals, which was clearly not the case in this incident.

"Obviously if you're going to cut a dogs ears like this without anesthetic or pain medication, you need to understand that this is something you shouldn't be doing," says Dr. Miller.

A sentiment that Midland County's Sheriff Gary Painter is in complete agreement with.

"Somebody that gets out there and thinks they know what they're doing and mutilates an animal needs to go to jail for a long time," says Painter.

This sort of outcome is a possibility under Texas state law, Painter says if they're alerted of a case concerning inhumane operations on an animal, they can consult with a veterinarian and process how to move forward.

"If, in their professional opinion, it is something that is a mutilation, then it can go to a 3rd degree felony," says Painter.

The dog has since been named "Akin Blade" which means strength.

Akin is expected to make a full recovery, and his story has attracted the attention and donations of numerous people on social media thanks to pictures shared by a popular animal rescue called "Keys to Happiness."

The foundation tells us his entire medical costs have been covered and a fund will be set up to help other wounded rescue animals.

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