Spring Break Camps for students

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - While some choose to pull out the boat for a lake or river trip during Spring Break, others are staying and working all week.

For those working parents that might have their hands tied trying to find last-minute Spring Break camps, both Odessa and Midland offer camps for students of all ages.

Permian Playhouse in Odessa says they are open for enrollment to anyone that wants to join them.

One of the campers says she is really having fun this week.

"Why I love acting is because people around here and the environment that in here it's because of these people that are here, and it's much better than school and its fun," said Ameri Clark, Spring Break Camper.

One of the camp leaders has been a part of the program for 12 years and he says it was a spring break camp like this one that got him hooked.

"Leading you to where I am now, I never though theater would be something I am doing now, but then just coming to one of these camps was like really exciting and it started me in a whole different path," said Jeremiah Leiah, camp leader.

The Sibley Nature Center went back in time with their "Spirit of West Texas camp" and some parents might wish they could go back in time and enroll because as of Monday they are completely full.

If you want to look towards the future they will also be offering summer camps.

This year, they are also considering taking first graders as in the past they started in third grade.

"So we do a lot with the nature, so this year we were like where is the history? So that's where this camp came in, and the spirit of West Texas is a benevolent spirit that comes to Sibley every history month, and leaves notes around for us to follow," said Jeremy Clothiers, Sibley Nature Center.

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