Midland native will be dancing in March

(KWES) - After clinching the Big West championship, the Cal State Fullerton men's basketball team secured their spot in the NCAA tournament which is a first for the program since 2008.

Among the roster is Midland's own Daniel Venzant, a former Midland Christian Mustang, who is now a freshman at Fullerton.

"It's been really good, you know, there's been ups and downs of course for anybody's freshman season, but I think I've learned a lot and the coaches have a lot in store for me. I feel like I have bright future here," said Daniel Venzant.

While Daniel is making his way to the NCAA tournament, his younger brother Joseph Venzant just wrapped up a very successful freshman season with the Mustangs.

"That's my little brother and like I want him to be better than me and like he's already accomplished so much winning MVP as a freshman. They won their district and I never won the district when I was there so I'm proud he's a freakish athlete and I'm just proud of him," said Daniel.

So while in Southern California, Daniel's been keeping his eyes on his brother and his hometown in mind.

"Not a lot of kids from Midland go on to play division one basketball. If I can, anyone can. So setting an example for those kids who want to play from Midland motivates me," said Daniel.

Fullerton will be taking on Purdue in Detroit on Friday morning.

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