Presidio shooting victims from 2017 file lawsuit against hunting guides, organizations

Presidio shooting victims from 2017 file lawsuit against hunting guides, organizations

PRESIDIO COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Dr. Edwin Roberts and his wife, Carol Roberts, have filed a personal injuring lawsuit with the law firm of Glasheen, Valles, & Inderman. This lawsuit is regarding an incident from January 2017 in which the doctor was shot multiple times by hunting guides that he hired to assist him while at the Circle Dug Ranch in Presidio County, Texas.

We're told that this shooting previously made national news because the guides lied about the incident, stating that the shots were fired by illegal aliens. An investigation later proved that there was no evidence that suggested "cross-border activity," according to Chief Deputy Sheriff Joel Nuñez, Jr.

The defendants of the lawsuit are Walker Daugherty, Michael Bryant, Bob Daugherty doing business as Big Rim Outfitters formally known as Redwing Outfitters, and Circle Dug Ranch Partnership.

"The lawsuit alleges that the guides were negligent in discharging their firearms without identifying their target or otherwise knowing who was in the motorhome at the time. It also alleges Redwing Outfitters was negligent in hiring, training, supervising, and retaining the guides, as well as entrusting them with firearms. Lastly, it alleges Circle Dug Ranch Partnership was guilty of premises liability negligence for failing to protect the plaintiffs from the criminal conduct that had been occurring in the area," according to the Glasheen, Valles & Inderman Law Firm.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages of more than $1 million for the Roberts' physical and psychological injuries. They are also seeking exemplary damages due to the extreme degree of risk in the defendants' actions.

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