Seminole boys look back at 2018 season

San Antonio, TX (KWES) - This year was the first time the Seminole boys basketball team made it to the State Tournament since 1999; but, yesterday afternoon the Indian's season came to an end when they fell to Dallas Carter in the State Semifinal. Although the outcome of the game wasn't what they were hoping for, they still had a great season with plenty of memories.

"My favorite memory is when Coach Williams broke out in song, the school song before we left for San Antonio. It just showed that school spirit that all of us had and he was willing to look a little funny singing just to show how much we meant to him. Anytime he kind of showed that side of himself to us meant a lot to me. I'll carry that for a really long time, but that one moment I will cherish forever," said senior Carter Laramore.

"Favorite memory would probably be the brotherhood that we had. We all grew up together since we were real little so probably just being around each other since being little and then getting to experience state. We always dreamed of it as little kids and we finally got to do it so it's probably my favorite memory," said senior Drew Dendy.

"When you just spend so much time together you get used to those people. Some are graduating and you'll never get to play again with them," said junior Anthony Moncayo.

"Just getting to hangout with all the guys and getting to go to different tournaments like the Whataburger tournament. Just being around all the coaches and the players has just been fun," said senior Caleb Decker.

"I just say practice with all the guys and being able to come together," said senior Reese Moore.

"I know, as a freshman, I came and watched the state games and so, as a senior, probably stepping out in the Alamo Dome on the court was just like an in awe moment. That was really cool," said Dendy.

This year was the 10th time in school history that the Indians made it to the State Tournament. They hope to have another great season in the future.

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