Seminole Indians season comes to a close

San Antonio, TX (KWES) - Dallas Carter came out strong the second half and most of the shots they put up went in so it was a tough half for Seminole. It was an emotional one at the end, especially for the seniors. Coach Williams spoke after the game and said the season may not have gone how they wanted but they had a great run.

"Man these seniors have meant the world to me what a special group of guys. The guys that are sitting next to me they make my life wonderful. They are great kids and I can't say that enough about how these guys you know how they're uplifting to one another and they can on to one another and jump on each other's tails too when they need it ya know," Seminole Head Coach David Williams.

"There's no better place in Texas or in the United States or in the world. If I got to pick where I live it would be in Seminole with the people I am accepted by. And there's not a better community or a better support center than Seminole. So I wouldn't trade anything that happened that last three years and I'm so thankful for the guys I play with especially the guy I play under and Coach Williams. It's going to be really hard going on," said Carter Laramore.

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