Midland ISD school receives shoe donations

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Kicks, sneakers, tennis shoes, zapatos, whatever you like to call them.  Some kids have them.

"I have Nikes," said Kodi Angell, 2nd grader, Pease Academy.

"Sketchers," said Zamya Gray, 2nd grader, Pease Academy.

"Jordans," said Anjel Hernandez, 2nd grader, Pease Academy.

It's hard to believe but many kids need them.

That's where this box and this campaign come in. For a second year, Kix 4 Kids got the community to bring in new or used sneakers to give to those kids.

"We want it to just be a whole community of students, teachers, community members, that are really driven to make sure every child has what they need to be successful in school, one of those is good shoes," said Terri Tafoya, 3rd grade teacher, Pease Academy.

The whole community is behind this idea. Wagner Noel gave Pease Academy tickets to an upcoming show to those who donated. McDonalds also gave out vouchers for a free meal too.

Students took turns greeting anyone who donates.

"It makes me feel very happy for the kids that don't have shoes," said Gray.

"This is making other kids really happy," said Angell.

Happy for the kids, happy for the number of sneakers that were donated, and especially happy because everybody needs a good pair of kicks.

"So they can run, and play in physical education (P.E.) and not get stepped on," said Hernandez.

This year's Kix 4 Kids campaign saw about 50 pairs of shoes donated to Midland ISD.

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