Buice second graders learn how to garden after parent builds planters for class

Buice second graders learn how to garden after parent builds planters for class

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Second graders at Buice Elementary will get their hands in the soil using their green thumbs. It's all thanks to one parent who built them garden planters as a way of saying thank you to the teachers.

Jessica Brown and Jessica Berridge are second grade teachers who wanted to teach their students all about gardening, but with that, they needed a little bit of help. That's why one parent and his dad took it upon themselves to build these two large planters for each second grade class.

"The teachers, they've been real good to us. I thought it was nice to give something back to them because I know they work hard every day trying to help our kids to better them," said Todd Harris, a parent who built the planter with his dad. "Me and my dad, we thought we could build these boxes for them so they have something to do."

"We teared up, we were in tears. We couldn't believe the amount of energy was put into these and love," said Brown and Berridge.

Now the kids are ready to dig deep and start planting.

"I was blown away," said Second Grader Kenan Hamad. "At the end of the year, we get to pick them and try new vegetables. They're fresh and not processed."

The planters will be filled after the kids get back from spring break, and they'll begin planting vegetables, flowers and fruit.

"I kind of want to see a cantelope because my grandma taught me how to plant them," said Second Grader Tegan Smith.

"We'll learn and experience how to grow so if we want to be a farmer when we grow up we know how to do it," said Jaxson Bartlett.

The classes hope they'll harvest the vegetables before the school year ends so they can make a salad using their own grown vegetables.

"I'm excited. We never planted stuff at school before but now we will," said Second Grader Davey Sollis.

On the boxes, has the names of the teachers and students including their school mascot.

"We leave our names on here so whoever finds the gardens next year, they see who started it first," said Second Grader Hailey Marres.

The class is still in need of more seeds. You can even help and donate seeds if you'd like. You can call Buice Elementary at (432) 456-1339 and let them know you'd like to donate to the teachers gardening project.

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