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Jennings mayor tired of vandals destroying city park

(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC) (Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)
(Source: City of Jennings (Source: City of Jennings
(Source: City of Jennings) (Source: City of Jennings)
(Source: City of Jennings) (Source: City of Jennings)

Vandals repeatedly target a Jennings park over the last two months, and now the mayor has had enough. 

Jennings Mayor Henry Guinn says for the last two months people have been destroying Founder's Park. 

"We noticed it during Christmas," said Guinn. "When we started our Christmas lights it was minor. We went into Mardi Gras, and we saw it start to increase." 

And while nothing from the park has been stolen yet, plenty of damage has been done. 

"They tried to steal our park benches," he said. "All of our lights, and our electronics in the park they get damaged. They're breaking the bulbs on our lamps." 

Guinn says if they catch the vandals and they happen to be adults they will go to jail, but if they're minors, the punishment will be different 

"I want them on the street in jumpsuits," he said.

Guinn is taking this so serious because he believes beautifying the city will help it grow financially. 

"The more beautiful our town is the more business are going to come in, the more people are going to have jobs, the more our tax revenue is going to increase, and something as petty as vandalizing a park it retracts from what we are trying to do," he said. 

But as Guinn and city workers work to make sure the park stays intact, he has a message for those vandals.

"Your city workers and your public employees are working tirelessly to continue to beautify the city," said Guinn. "Help us continue to do that." 

Guinn says police will start patrolling the area more, and he plans to set up surveillance cameras around the park to monitor what's going on. 

He recently submitted the city for the Louisiana Garden Club Federation's annual cleanest city contest and hopes this vandalism will stop before judges come to view the city next month. 

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