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Liquid meth, the new form of trafficking crystal methamphetamine

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Drug smugglers are finding new ways to traffic their product along Mississippi's highly traveled interstate drug pipeline. A new form of a dangerous narcotic is making its way across the country and most recently stopped by Rankin County law officers from damaging thousands of lives.

"It's the same old crystal meth. it's just a different way to transport it," said Rankin County Sheriff Bailey as he held up a jar of a dark yellow liquid.

The county's top cop is talking about the 19 gallons of liquid meth discovered by a narcotics unit during a traffic stop on I-20 early Thursday morning. The dangerous substance was concealed in the fuel tank of an SUV.

"They ran a narcotics canine around the vehicle. he alerted on it," said Bailey. "The vehicle was transported to our shop where it was searched and when they searched the vehicle they found that it had an altered gas tank, fuel tank on it that had a compartment where about one-fourth gas tank and three-fourths of this liquid crystal meth inside of it".

Jose Manuel Chavez and  Angel Rafael Martinez were charged with aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine. Recently Rankin County Special Narcotics Units have seen more and more of the liquid methamphetamine.

The 19 gallons have an estimated street value of $1 million dollars.

"It is sort of a new way to transport. We really didn't start seeing it until last year coming through here," added the sheriff. "On the street level in Rankin County, we don't see a lot of it because most of the time once this liquid meth reaches its destination they'll slowly boil it back down to the powder form".

According to Bailey, once the liquid hits the air it begins to crystallize as they discovered when transferring it from the gas tank into evidence containers.
Those handling the drug wore gloves to prevent contact, stopping it from being absorbed by their skin.

The sheriff says Chavez and Martinez are from Texas and were headed east to make their drop.

"The meth is cheaper in Mexico to make and smuggle than it is for people to try to get prescriptions for Sudafed and cook it and everything here. So we're seeing a real big spike in the purity and quality of meth a lot higher," added Bailey.

Investigators believe the illegal cargo was headed to Atlanta.

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