Permian baseball new head coach brings new mentality

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Baseball season is under way and the Permian Panthers have a new skipper leading the way in the dugout. Entering his 10th season as a head coach, Tate Criswell is excited to take the Mojo baseball program to new heights. Now for the seniors on the team it's their 4th new head coach in four years, but they feel Coach Criswell brings a different mentality to the team.

"This coach, he actually cares about us more than he cares about himself. This year we actually have a chance to compete with this coach. I know I can trust him more than any other coach I've had. I know he's going to do what's best for myself and the team," said senior Zane Murphy.

"I really like this coach. He's one of my favorites. I've had four different coaches in four different years and he's preached the mental game. I've never had that. I really like him," said senior Seth Higdon.

"Coach says you need to remember your why. Remember why you go out on the field, why you go into the weight room at 6 a.m. just sweating. Remember why we come out here and compete every day," said senior Nick Chavez.

"I think the six seniors we do have are incredible. They're unselfish, they really love each other. I think they're going to provide leadership in the way of vocally and leading by example," said Head Coach Tate Criswell.

"Most of the time we're in the dugout during the games just yelling and screaming and picking everybody up. When we're not playing, we're hyped. Just the whole game, we're hyped about every part of it," said senior Christian LaChance.

The Panthers won four of five games over the weekend in the tournament of champions and are looking to keep that momentum going this Thursday in a double header at Coronado.

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